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b9 comments and fixes

Posted by sean 
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b9 comments and fixes
September 04, 2007 08:55PM

I like elive - and just about everything works on my MacBook 2,1 (second version, late 2006 release).

I have installed elive on disk, and set final configuration to automatic.

I am not new to Linux, per-se, having a lot of experience with RedHat/Fedora and (open)SuSE. I AM completely new to Debian.

A few comments and fixes:

1 - Booting

elive has a beautiful cd boot, but after disk installation, I get an ugly red lilo screen and text booting. What happened there?

2 - Login

If you select e16 at login, you correctly get the error message after which you are returned to the login screen. What does NOT happen is having the login session revert back to e17 (although entrance shows e17 selected).

3 - Power Management

Disconnecting power from the laptop doesn't dim the display. Also, there seems to be a bug in monitoring the battery. At times it works, other times I get a low battery error - and the battery is full. Don't rightly know if this is a firmware issue.....

4 - Bluetooth

It's a safe bet that MacBook users might have a bluetooth Mighty Mouse. To use mine, I did the following:

edit /etc/default/bluetooth

restart bluetooth /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart

scan for devices:
hcitool scan

(should show address and name of devices. You may need to switch off, on the Mighty Mouse)

edit /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf
passkey "0000";

(added at the bottom of the file)
name "<NAME_OF_DEVICE>";
auth enable;
encrypt enable;

reboot system. Don't know why, but restarting services just didn't do the trick.

#> 'hcitool scan' to make sure you can see the mouse.

#> hidd --search

Mighty mouse now working! Happiness!

Now I have to figure out why scrolling left/right actually maps to down/up.......

xev shows left scroll is button 5 and right is button 4. Scrolling up and down is not detected.... hmmmm

that's all for now.


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Re: b9 comments and fixes
October 01, 2007 05:52PM
Thanks for your feedback !

1) That's normal... at least for now on the dev. versions

2) Well, e16 option menu can be removed on a near future, next stable version maybe

3) Correct, seems a bug on the battery stuff when its on 100 % (maybe the real value is more than 100 % and this is why bugs, no idea), i don't think that this issue can be fixed for now (this next stable version), it can be rest in a... bit bug emosmile

4) Thanks for your howto! I'm going to support mighty mouse by default on Elive, but i don't have blueetooth toys for play.

Because teh bluetooth tools on Linux actually sucks (only the GUI interfaces), I'm going to write my own tool for Elive!


Please show me the result of your "hcitool scan", i need to know how is named that mighty mouse stuff

The passkey to 0000 is for all the devices then ? that's not insecure ? its needed to have this passkey all the time to have the mouse working ?

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Re: b9 comments and fixes
October 16, 2007 12:33PM

I missed this.

hostname:/home/sean # hcitool scan
Scanning ...
00:14:51:CB:A1:88 Mighty

They name 'Mighty' is what I set from OS X. This isn't used in the setup of BT devices since the ID is used.