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Kernel Panic

Posted by g33kgrrl 
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Kernel Panic
September 13, 2007 02:29PM
ok,... first of all I couldn't decide whether to put this in the installed mode forum or the macbook so I opted for both...

eLive has been installed and working great for over a week, ran at work today with no problems. I got home, attempted to boot and had a kernel panic. Here is what stood out of what it said:

RAMDISK couldn't find valid Ramdisk image starting at 0

VFS:Cannot open root device "sda4" or unknown block (0,0) please append a correct "root=" boot option

Kernel panic - not syncing : VFS : Unable to mount root fs on unknown block (0,0)

I booted from rescue CD, I can mount the root partition, fstab and mtab look correct and lilo.conf has the correct info also. I checked the disk and no errors were found. I haven't done any updates within the last few boots and no kernel mods since install.

It,s running on a MacBook dual boot with OSX, 1GB RAM, Pentium dual core 2GHz, HDD is partitioned: /dev/sda2 HFS+ MacOS, /dev/sda3 swap, /dev/sda4 reiserfs, /dev/sda5 ext3

Any help would be appreciated!
Re: Kernel Panic
October 01, 2007 05:01PM
Seems like a problem of the initrd system, i have see the same problem here, Im trying to make a recover feature for broken initrd's
Re: Kernel Panic
October 03, 2007 01:50PM
I too get this message. I was able to boot back in forth between OS X and Elive all last night, which was when I first installed the latest version for the Macbook. But tonight when I got home and tryed to boot it gave me the above problem.

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Re: Kernel Panic
December 16, 2007 10:12PM
I had the same problem...
But i tried a temporal solution and it's working..

When you install the system, before you configure your new system, you can make a backup of the 'original' initrd..
Then configure the system and finally put the 'original' initrd in the lilo.conf..

So you'll boot your system like the first time..

Sorry for my bad english... wink

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