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Limewire ???

Posted by Benny 
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Limewire ???
December 05, 2007 02:18AM
Why not Frostwire idea
For the rest ,I hope the Elive team keep it simple and do not overload it whit software like openoffice and other heavy things .
I think this is not the meaning of Enlightenment .
It is i very nice and good distro and i love Elive and Enlightenment .
I hope you don't stik to mutch on gnome are kde and go really the Enlightenment way whit fast stuff .
Re: Limewire ???
December 05, 2007 04:09AM
I totally agree, keep it simple. I think that's why frostwire is not installed by default, but u can always install it once u've installed elive. I already did it
Re: Limewire ???
December 06, 2007 04:24AM
:D Thanks for your nice comply .
What i mean whit limewire is that its in the repositories of synaptic and i believe frostwire is better for linux .
I hope the keep it clean so you can install later what the user wound .
The more a use elive the more i love it .
Go Elive team go