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Quake like terminal

Posted by xandorv 
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Quake like terminal
February 11, 2008 09:31PM
I have recently installed elive and I must say that it has taken my breath away with its Bond-worthy interface.

One thing I am highly used to in Ubuntu is Tilda for Gnome and YaKuake for KDE. These are terminals that drop down from the top of the screen (or anywhere you want) at the press of a hot key (F12 for eg) and become auto-focussed so that you can start typing. Its modelled on the Quake terminal. Slick and useful - just what u want in modern Linux desktops.

I hope Enlightenment also gets something like this.

Another thing we direly need is a predictive typing enabled terminal. Anybody who has used Eclipse or NetBeans would know what I mean. You just type a few letters and a drop down list pops up below your cursor to help you out with possible keywords. It can be used to show the docs/syntax of shell commands and all its options (that would be great, considering how much time most of us waste on consulting references for options of shell commands). And just to show how much it could be useful, suppose you have a directory called EliveDemoVideos in your current directory. To change to it you start typing cd E... and just then a list comes up below your cursor showing all directories starting with E. Then you continue cd El...and the list has filtered out remaining directories and shows just EliveDemoVideos. You just press the down arrow and press enter. Done! Saves typing, time, and eliminates typing mistakes.
Re: Quake like terminal
February 14, 2008 01:49AM
The run command alt+esc has predictive typing which is pretty useful for launching programs.

Like the ideas you propose though.
Re: Quake like terminal
July 11, 2009 10:24AM
For the terminal, try the simple <TAB> key after to write a few words, but if you want a more complete than that, try to use the zsh shell instead of the bash one, from root do "apt-get install zsh" and from user do "chsh"