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Nvidia/Ati drivers custom installation

Posted by archwndas 
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Nvidia/Ati drivers custom installation
June 02, 2008 03:26PM
Hi there,
I observed in Nvidia GEM and several development versions that there is no easy way to update the Nvidia driver. It would be nice if a tool could be provide or documentation to allow easy switch from one Nvidia driver to another.

Debian Linux and as a consequence Elive, are really a trouble with respect to this fact. In Ubuntu they realized the problem and they provide a unsupported hardware drivers application. Gentoo, Sabayon SuSE Redhat allow to the Nvidia binary package to install the Nvidia driver itself if the kernel headers are there.

I believe that you should do the same. Nvidia binary package should be able to run and compile in every Linux box.Kernel headers should be provided along with every elive distro.

What do you think?
Re: Nvidia/Ati drivers custom installation
February 15, 2010 05:08PM
You can also download latest driver from nvidia website and install it in Elive. Or wait for driver come in repository