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Suggestion for Elive Website

Posted by XYPEROX 
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Suggestion for Elive Website
February 10, 2009 02:15AM
Hello to all. A like your video presentation.
I love it everything about elive but main problem is that i dont know how to use it. How to install programs on it and so on.

I thought if you can put under category with tex. "How to use Elve... for beginners" or can you recommend some .PDF book which i need to read before useing your system. I really, really want to change from Win to Elive OS.

So plz give me some directions, i honestly need it.

Thanks to all for future help!!!
Kind Regards Rogan.
Re: Suggestion for Elive Website
February 10, 2009 09:41AM

If you are a beginner, just you need to know the basic things of Debian linux, because Elive is a Debian-based distro.

I'm a beginner too, but I know to use 'apt', the great debian's package management tool. With this, you can install/uninstall all software you need in Elive and in any debian-based distro.

Good Luck!
Re: Suggestion for Elive Website
December 29, 2014 12:46PM
this is very nice posssssssssstttt


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