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Installer improvements

Posted by Torllan 
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Installer improvements
August 16, 2009 10:55PM
I've tried the 1.9.39 unstable livecd and came across the following things:
- on every installation the complete cd/dvd is checked on its integrity. could this please be one of the initial installer options instead of checking every time (what if you want to install onto several different pc's, have to wait for a long time every time for the cd to be checked)?
- can you integrate the installer module with the rest of the cd? would be useful for installations on stand-alone machines without any connectivity
- can the installer check for certain hardware instead of having the user remove the modules if not present? i saw a desktop load laptop modules during fine tuning, even though laptop mode was selected to be removed during installation. also was loading the smart link modem module on a desktop without modem (also this feature was supposed to be removed).