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Eterm desktop console error

Posted by ApNow 
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Eterm desktop console error
September 02, 2009 11:41PM
Hi all,

I had a littel problem with Eterm. I deleted it from Ibar and cant get it function correctly again.

I found the application itsel (Eterm) but when I try to launch it it fails with an "Enlightenment cant execute the application" Eterm "the application fails at startup"

Which attributes do I have to use to launch it?
Which one is the configuration file for Iba/Eterm? Do I have a conf file per user?

Thanks in Advance,

Re: Eterm desktop console error
September 03, 2009 03:10AM
Right-click>accessories>Terminal(URxvt).But you can add it again to your ibar:right-click on it and choose applications>add.

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