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My EliveCD Wish List

Posted by leanmoha 
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My EliveCD Wish List
September 14, 2009 05:31AM
Hi this is my wish list

1: One of the things I love about Elive is I can make a macOSX user wish he/she were using my OS so to even make this getting people jealous stick even more it'ld be nice to have a Quicklook type plug-in attached to Thunar. There's a project called Gloobus @


and there is a guy called John Stowers @


working on integrating Gloobus with nautilus but sadly Elive doesn't use nautilus and issues with dependancies mean I'm not able to compile the nautilus as per the instructions on John's Blog.
Anyhoo, It'ld be nice to have Gloobus in thunar or elive's own version of gloobus built for thunar.

2: It'ld be nice to have a network places view in thunar or EFM so we can easily browse and interact with other boxes.

3: As I've just discovered, better support for ATI graphics cards. One of mine and many other peoples pet hate of Windows is that every time a new version comes out you'd have to throw out all your hardware and it seems elive right now doesn't like ATI cards. I've always used ATI cards mainly because NVIDIA cards were just too expensive compared to the identical ATI card

4: HPET whatever HPET stands for! I found out that I had issues trying to boot the liveCD on my desktop because the HPET power management option was enabled. Once disabled the liveCD would bootconfused

5: Default use of a more up-to-date kernel. Admittedly even Lenny 5.02 still uses kernel 2.6.24

6: An easy way to backup an installed system and set up unto bootable CDs/DVDs to make repairing damaged installs easier without the risk of having to reinstall already installed programs and settings. Even a system restore would be good. This may be done already but I don't know.

7: DVB-s, DVB-t, and DVB-C hardware support plus DVR software for watching digital TV and HD tv broadcasts

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Re: My EliveCD Wish List
September 15, 2009 04:18AM
Leanmoha's post is one of the best I've seen. Did not know about Gloobus. Easy browsing of shares would be nice. And that 2.6.31 kernel...