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Will Elive ever see PAE feature included in the Kernel?

Posted by leanmoha 
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Will Elive ever see PAE feature included in the Kernel?
October 05, 2009 10:38AM
Hi guys,

I was just wondering and I know this may be asking for too much but will PAE be added to the elive Kernel?
I know you have no plans of developing a 64bit version of elive just like most other off-shoot distros but I read that even if an OS is only 32bit it can be possible to allow it to use up to 64GB of ram if PAE is compiled into the kernel.

I don't know how complicated that is but it would be nice to have more that 4gb ram on elive or any other linux distro purely because with all the focus still remaining on windows and osx there will always be a need to run a guest OS using things like vmware and it would be nice to give them more ram.

I have 4gig currently on both my laptop and desktop and games like the sims 3 run in vwmare but sometimes get a little choppy and slow processing information at times.

ps thanks for ditching the 2.6.26 kernel. I know debian lenny is still supplied with this kernel but the Debian project is suffering because it is too old and people just don't have the time to be faffing around with backports and repos, just so they can get their hardware to work.

I feel with a little bit more work elive can really lead the pack when it comes to being the OS of choice.