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Posted by gs 
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October 07, 2009 02:24AM
There is a very poor preliminary (?) German tranlation of "nurse-mode", namely "Krankenschwester-Modus".
This is unfortunately rather ridiculous - I suggest "Hilfe-Modus" instead......
Re: nurse-mode
October 07, 2009 02:30AM
Well , perhaps you're right , gs.


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Re: nurse-mode
October 07, 2009 05:57AM
Hi gs!

Ist schon in Arbeit!
Das sind automatisch erstellte ├ťbersetzungen.
Die ├╝berarbeite ich derzeit.

Re: nurse-mode
October 07, 2009 10:32PM
That's why I always use only the USA English,despite the fact I'm an ignorant romanian peasant.
The local translations make me confused and laugh all the time.wink
At least for the moment the international official language of the internet and IT is english.
(And the hackers' too.wink).

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