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Scite replacement

Posted by rah 
Scite replacement
August 28, 2007 06:24AM
Scite is buggy now, you said.<br>
Meanwhile think about Geany (http://geany.uvena.de/ )as its replacement.<br> It's very light an full of smart features
Re: Scite replacement
September 07, 2007 11:20PM
Looks very nice, its light, seems good featured, its in multi-languages...

But maybe we have a problem, Scite is like a easy editor (also if is good featured and very powered for programation), actually we use cream, that's maybe not the most beautiful and its not on multi-languages, but still's easy to use

Geany looks a bit more for the programmer (IDE) than for a simple file editor, maybe some users don't know much how to use it ? What users thinks about geany ? (comments here! this is a forum emosmile)

Thanks for your recomendation, for me looks good, and not exactly hard to use, we can see what the users thinks about it
Re: Scite replacement
September 11, 2007 04:12AM
i've been using geany for a while and after a few hours is pretty comfortable to use..i would vote for geany
Re: Scite replacement
September 11, 2007 12:11PM
I think geany is a good editor emosmile
Re: Scite replacement
September 13, 2007 10:03AM
Exactly, I was using scite for programming and for special cut/paste/replace/etc operations.

Now I found geany and think is even better for that purposes. I only miss the autosave feature on_lost_focus.

For an easy editor gedit could be a nice option.

I would like both to be included, Geany as an advanced editor and gedit as a simple one.

Re: Scite replacement
July 11, 2009 05:41PM
scite fixed! emosmile
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