The next best thing to cplay/mpd/moc wishlist
September 08, 2010 02:45AM
We have some outstanding themes, but the media players have to come with their own skins, and somehow ruin the consistency or the overall look. These players always have to be some sort of variation on metal or chrome. Now I know a lot of us here lean towards console players. But I was thinking something along the lines of the old emodule mpdule that would provide a minimum of play/forward/back buttons that would still look like it's part of the theme. I remember using Litestep for Windows, and some skins there provide forward and playback and rewind buttons on the menu or tray, and some light scripting can be bound to those buttons. The buttons I am thinking of should look almost like the maximize/minimize/close buttons on the titlebar. I was thinking it would save me from having to open audacious (or remove it altogether) and stay with the lightweights. I wouldn't have to look for a matching theme in audacious or bmp or xmms. What do you think? Unless you're a die-hard console cowboy (what are you doing here) your opinions are welcome here.