Make is more simple to try it ? Forums tool more modern ?
June 24, 2018 10:26PM

1) Trial : I know you want to live from Elive, but making it difficult to try it, with so many distros on the market, does it help you ? Just brainstorming, I am not sure neither. Exemple I signed as a patreon to give Elive " little amount" of money monthly, but I still have to wait 24 hours to try the last version ( as a patreon).

I asked to try the last version and the link I received is is not that simple, I clicked it and click USB and still endup on the page where I need to enter my email to get the trial in 24 hours... I am sure may have missed something but other will to... Wouldn't be better to make it simple to try and cross your finger people will pay ( Patreon ) to support your "amazing" product ?

2) Everything is about perception : may be I would use more modern / good looking forum &tools for support (I know, money is needed to use tools as discourse [] ) ? real techies won't care about the support tools you use but may be other yes...

Can't wait to try last version !

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Re: Make is more simple to try it ? Forums tool more modern ?
June 24, 2018 11:36PM
Just composed another " Long " suggestions.
Result : Your forum tool rejected my post because of some Words contained in my suggestion post...

THis is an expample of "irritating" thing about the COmmunity tool you are using...

Just trying to help....

I will try to send it in the LIVE CHAT

Continue the good work...

Note : even the Chat tool, is long to connect too... Someone could say : Forget it, too long.. Or quit on the screen thinking it's not working... Everything is about perception.. Use Telegram or for your Elive Cokmmunity... Something snappy that works fast, modern look. no ?

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