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VIA display driver

Posted by kevinmartin 
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VIA display driver
August 14, 2008 11:19AM
see, I have a VIA K8M890 chipset. The problem is, I cant find a driver for it. I have downloaded many and nothing works. Any one out there who is using a via display driver on elive? If so please tell me which one to use and where to download it form! emosmile
Re: VIA display driver
September 09, 2009 03:12PM
Do you search it with the packages manager of elive?

I had the same problem and i fix it:

-Open the Packages manager of elive on elive panel

-Click search and type K8M8

-The "xserver-xorg-video-via" is the driver for the VIA K8M400 and K8M800 chipset

-Right click and select install

Good luck! :D
Re: VIA display driver
February 16, 2015 06:25PM
I've done all the research I could possible try, and still can't get it to work. Please keep in mind that I'm not the most advanced Linux user, but decent enough to follow some instructions, and go from there.


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