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Posted by conny 
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August 19, 2007 04:07AM


I started with Elive 5.04 beta, but if U start with for example 6.1, it’ OK.. SO HERE IT IS:

1. Install Elive, in Gparted make twice big SWAP as is your ntb’s memory

2. after install : apt-get update apt-get upgrade

3. Download Kernel source 2.6.20-rc5 because from version 2.6.20 IBM_ACPI is included and works better with acpi functions of IBM machine, KVM is included too (if U want to run forexample WinXP for any reason under Elive wink )

Falko’s howto is included in attachement, source can be found on www.kernel.org my .config of kernel made for IBM T30 is included too. What U have to check is if your SWAP partition has the same pointer- for me it is /dev/hda6.If not, U’ll have to rewrite it in ACPI settings in the menuconfig.
If U remove CDROM or insert Flash drive or PCMCIA flash disk, Your system will not boot-changing FSTAB and Grub boot choice,so reboot again OR rewrite booting device)

In menuconfig load my .config and after that make deb file and install new rc-5 kernel (Falko’s manual). If U have newer version of kernel, rewrite paths in grub config (/boot/) menu.lst- also attached.Menu is set for 2.6.15 included with 5.04 elive-2.6.18 should be in 6.01. Edit menu in MC or other text editor. Also splash is mine,not standart - remove it or rewrite.

4. After reboot U should be in Elive with 2.6.20-rc5, fully supporting FAN speed, LID switch and suspend and hibernate. What has to be manually made is: power button, dimm button:

5. U’ll have to hack /etc/acpi events like I have in attachements. Compare what works for U and what not. Dimm button FN+F3 after hacking works,but to turn radeon light back up, U will have to add hotkey like CTRL+F3 as I did in menu in hotkey/bind key editing with this exec: /etc/acpi/standby.sh So, ACPI is done!!

6. CPU frequency and policy works well - set up in .config for kernel..

7. xorg.conf - If U want to use,as I do, 2 screens (great thing to watch movies on my 24inch screen 1900×1024,have another modules settings and view and on LCD is running GAIM and flashing LED when message is coming ) my xorg.conf is attached - is set to switch between two keyboards and use 24inch sony 16:9 screen, so U’ll have to edit this file to input there your second screen. When the X server is starting and no external screen is detected, mouse will not go over the edge on LCD. This best xorg.conf is called by myself dualhead (/xorg/dualhead). If U want DRI in two screens,U’ll have to use “xineramaDRI” with merged frame buffer-good for play some games (DRI on both screens),but not for work-both screens must have the same physical resolution which is 1024×768 (in my IBM case) - so why have 2 so small resolutions for work if U can get more? And standart settings in called “standart” - DRI fully working, second CRT/LCD only cloning the primary.

8. Joypad and buttons - If your middle button is not working as a scroll button on mouse, you will have to remove function to switch between screens by scroll button.After that, middle button is like a scroll button.

9. thinkpad buttons, audio mixer To have quick acces to audio mixer is easy: apt-get install wmix and add eap and .order to startup settings in your home directory in /e/e/app... like in attachement.

apt-get install tpb

TPB is OSD nice reporting deamon - reporting all IBM hotkey actions on LCD screen.

To have tpb automatically running, edit /etc/sudoers and insert there your username (under root) - TPB can run only root, tpb -d to run it like a deamon

10. To be sure to run all modules we need to, edit /etc/modules as I did..

11. hotswap for IBM multibay: when removing CD/DVD run command (I did it through made EAP menu and run this app with gksudo (sudo settings to run app like root) hotswap OR khotswap in GUI (apt-get install khotswap hotswap)

12. Unbelievable is that it is possible to remove running notebook from the docking station.. Thx to new kernel experimental function dock (including in .config) wink

And that’s it! 4 months of digging and testing...

Good to have installed for IBM TP:



USB ports in docking station, KVM support for P4 mobile (future support of CPU?)
IBM T30 files
August 19, 2007 04:34AM
files are here:


login: elive@atacomp.cz
password: elive
file: elivehowto.tar.gz
Re: IBM T30
August 19, 2007 04:54AM
Still some bugs:

When playing video AVI or Quictime in Mplayer taht's fine, when open in VLC which uses default full screen,after playback is finish,it freezes and you have to restart enlightenment, Oxine is all right,it does not use full screen,only full window..

Changing IP from DHCP to static kills Epanel,after second or third try it works.So,some trouble switching from dynamic to static..

Hibernate is not working all the time.When some device is refusing to standby (forexample hibernating with USB flash disk or Bluetooth is not 100%,sometimes it freezes when trying to restart)

GPARTED is still confused with Floppy emosmile When docked,everything OK.Undocked Gparted is surprised to get no response from FDD..

MICROPHONE NOT WORKING!! OSS/Alsa no chance.. Thats nasty... I would be glas to here from someone how to get it run. But in one month I'm switchimg to IBM T43,so probably I'll get all this story again.I hope,not so terribly low level work..

Bluetooth working GPRS and Nokia 6630,if anyone will be interested,I can give my settings..

Wifi strange behaving,but it's made probably by sharing one device with more than one settings utility.From clean install should be fine..
Re: IBM T30
November 25, 2007 07:48PM
2 conny:
your ftp is't working now hmmmm

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