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Asus w90vp-A1

Posted by Ferrsai 
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Asus w90vp-A1
June 08, 2009 06:29AM
I see I didn't look far enough and I posted in the wrong spot! Apologies wink

I'm waiting for the arrival of this laptop, the Asus w90vp-A1, and I'm looking at switching to a linux based operating system. I've taken a glance at several different distros including Dreamlinux, OpenSuse, Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Kubuntu. I haven't been able to dig up any info involving Linux for any model of the w90vp.

I'm liking what I see with this operating system. It's both different and somewhat familiar. I haven't used Linux before but I feel comfortable with trying a different operating system and I am not a Microsoft fan. I'm curious if anybody here has heard anything about running Linux on this particular laptop, if not I'll probably try it anyway and post my results!

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Re: Asus w90vp-A1
June 08, 2009 06:53PM

Testers are always welcome! :P

You should try latest dev-version on your new Laptop. It's pretty stable and supports wifi very well.

Have Fun!