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(Solved!) Configuring your synaptics touchpad

Posted by rebbi 
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(Solved!) Configuring your synaptics touchpad
September 02, 2007 08:44AM

If you want to alter the functions of your laptop's Synaptics touchpad, download and install the package gsynaptics from the repositories. The first time you try to run it, it will complain that you need to add the option SHMConfig "true" to the synaptics section of xorg.conf. Do this. You will then be able to configure things like scrolling, tapping and so on. I used it to disable tapping since my touchpad was always picking up unintentional taps when I typed and putting my insertion point in weird places.

Hope this helps some of you! wink

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Re: Configuring your synaptics touchpad
September 22, 2007 12:50PM
How did you get the synaptics driver working in the first place?

I (and others, see here [forum.elivecd.org]) am unable to get my touchpad working properly with synaptics.
Re: Configuring your synaptics touchpad
October 07, 2007 11:53AM
I have now got my synaptics touchpad working.

I updated the driver

by coping a newer driver from a seperate partition (Ubuntu) into my Elive partiton. If you don't have access to another distro's files, you could get the same result by googling for an updated driver I guess.

Hopefully this will be soved propery if we get a new version of Elive with a newer kernel.