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Install booting from HD, wireless, synaptics

Posted by Janus 
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Install booting from HD, wireless, synaptics
October 15, 2007 02:03PM
I finally managed to install elive without being able to boot from CD/USB/Network using this guide [marc.herbert.free.fr] to get a command line. From there I could mount the CD and install.

The bigger challenge turned out to be getting my wireless to work. For some strange reason the ifup command fails to establish a connection (yes, my /etc/network/interfaces is configured correctly). However, iwconfig & dhclient do work. So I added those commands to the /etc/rc.local script and now it works like a charm!

The synaptics driver for my Alps touchpad was the next obstacle. The cursor movement was extremely slow, scrolling did not work and the gsynaptics tool showed no effect. On this page [linux.die.net] I found all the variables to tweak touchpad behaviour in xorg.conf and here [gentoo-wiki.com] are some example configurations. The rest is just try and error.

Was it worth the effort? Totally! This distribution is so beautiful and fast, a perfect fit for my tiny, shiny, old Toshiba Portege 2000.

If you have similar problems, post here and I'll try to give a more detailed explanation of the solutions/workarounds.

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Re: Install booting from HD, wireless, synaptics
November 19, 2007 05:00AM
Can you tell me the details of how you installed it?

I tried to use debian etch hd-media initrd but it says the iso is not a real debian iso.

I also tried to use the initr in the elive iso but then it says that it cant find the cd.

If I mount the iso, how can I launch the install?