Elive 1.6 development
March 15, 2008 03:51AM
I like this livecd very much! I admire the large work what must be done for it.

I have been seeking for the linux distribution I would really like. Recently I decided it must have E17 as VM. Unfortunately I am not skilled myself so I must find something ready or nearly ready. So a development version would do well for me. I have other linuxes on my computer so if something must be done I always find the tool... But I am longing for interesting and beautifull design.

Unfortunately Elive 1.6 can not be installed on the hard disk yet. But I am hopefully waiting for the installer or a livecd which one could run from the ram (2 Gb in my computer) idea

But thank you very much for the recent 1.6 emosmile

Heikki Pesonen, Finland