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Elive runs in a AMD K6-II !!!

Posted by maceiras 
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Elive runs in a AMD K6-II !!!
May 24, 2008 12:33PM
In a medical center we have an AMD K6 II, similar to Pentium II, 384 RAM, 6 GB HD, S3 video, etc. An old machine, 15 years old. It runs over Windows 98 ME and Red Hat 9, very slowly. Then we change Red Hat 9 by Damn Small Linux last year, it worked well, and can't install other Linux, or mini distros. What a surprise when try Elive, and runs very well in Live mode. Tomorrow I will try to install it, must change partitions and reinstall Windows with a Norton Ghost Backup.
Re: Elive runs in a AMD K6-II !!!
July 04, 2008 02:12AM
installed elive runs even nicer emosmile

*hint on that old pc try to install fluxbox windowmanager (but only if e16-17 is to slow for you)