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Elive + Compiz

Posted by Dyzajash 
Elive + Compiz
February 09, 2009 10:53PM
I always use in Home Gentoo ,Arch and FreeBSD (and sometimes MacOSX) but this OS is the BEST! It's light,fast and stable (and effects are pretty cool) !!!

And I have 1 Q. How much programms is in system repo? (like in Debian ?)

//Sorry for my eng :P

Ohh and I have 1 suggestion : pls fix Polish FTP becouse it doesnt work...

Re: Elive + Compiz
February 21, 2009 10:13AM
1,9,22 compiz is a solid (unestable) distro
im testing all that is possible to download stable and unestable and IMHO the best is the compiz one
the way that put things in the desk i simply perfect
is really sad to instal the stable version (1 gem) and not be able to find the way to achieve the compiz effects (beacuse i dont understand programming)
i've been searching for a distro that allows me tofeel comfortable and this one does it even my wife likes it.
please consider this in the next versions
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