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install comments

Posted by calypso 
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install comments
February 12, 2009 01:08PM
Well, by and large this seems to be a good distro.
I would make the following recommendation, a couple of the terms on the install are not UNambiguous.

If there is a choice, such as whether to import stuff from another partition, the term "cancel" is not the best term, I would recommend that the word "cancel" be replaced with "decline" or "do not accept".

With a dual boot, I would recommend that folks take the middle, somewhat, guided option and be sure to determine the naming system of the partitions to be sure that one installs on the correct partition.

Lastly go to the Elive! home to get the password to download and install the latest installer.

Actually do the apt-get update, etc as it shows in the insturctions, it is not immediately apparent that this has to be done.

After all that.

This seems to be a good distro.

After the instal, it recommended reboot and update, the updater merely needed a root password and downloade a very large number of updates and then recommended a new reboot.

As far as I have been able to determine, the distro has found and configured everything on my Sony Vaio Laptop. This includes the ethernet and a broadcom aetheros wireless.

The screen was correctly configured and the nvidia fglrx driver was installed.

All of this without a single bit of input from me.

Way cool! clap

I'll continue to try different hardware and report back.