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nice distro

Posted by wvmac3 
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nice distro
February 17, 2009 11:05PM

The livecd worked really well so I decided to install it onto my desktop. It is a 1.6 ghz dual core pentium with 3 gigs of ram and an nvidia 8300 gs. Network cards include on board intel ethernet, realtek ethernet and an atheros pci wifi car. Sound is hd intel. Everything works really well, it all was configured at first boot.

I have issues with some distros when it comes to automatically turning off the display (dpms) after so many minutes. Elive-compiz has no problems once I enabled the feature.

It is fast. I ripped a dvd with ogmrip and the system stayed responsive even though both cores were maxed out. I had firefox open with 20+ tabs open, xmms playing, and no slowdowns that I noticed.

The cpu scaling works. The volume keys on my apple keyboard work. Codecs were already installed.

The only problems I have with the distro occur because I am not familiar with E17.
I have run it in the past some, but it was hard to setup but with Elive-compiz it comes setup really nice and ready to use. I just need to learn the different configuration tools and options. If you think kde has a lot of options, it doesn't compared to E17.

I like the distro. I going to keep it. It is very stable even though it states that it isn't. My only question is what kind of upgrade path does it have. Can you change it to sid or testing or does it use special repos.

thanks for the nice distro. It is a nice break from the "normal" desktop/window managers. I like minimal lightweight window managers but they always seem to be missing some basic functionality. This one seems to have it covered. Fast, lightweight, feature packed, stable and just fun.
Re: nice distro
November 16, 2009 11:03AM
Can I use packages from repos of testing/unstable.
If yes, how? May be special repos for elive?
(1.9.51+ecomorph module)