Wow Really nice
June 26, 2009 07:22AM
I have primarily stuck to Fedora for my Linux needs but I have used Suse as well as Ubuntu on occasion. I have always used the Enlightenment desktop environment in the past. I have recently install Elive + Compiz and it is just mind blowing!
I recall in the past when Compiz Fusion was just coming out I wanted these effects to be available in my Enlightenment desktop. When I posted a query to the Enlightenment mailing list I was told that that was impossible to do. Though I have been aware of Elive for some time. I recently decided to give it a try due to the Compiz effects of Ecomoprph.
I just hope that you guys continue to develop this Elive Compiz! It is Great!
Re: Wow Really nice
July 04, 2009 07:27AM
I just upgraded from 1.9.31 to 1.9.32 and I want to say what a nice improvment job the ELIVE team has done! Nice cleanup on the system too! Lot's of fixes that I noticed just between these two releases.

I recently switched over to Elive, Previously using KDE Linux distro's. A very nice Desktop and with Debian as it's base, makes Elive even more solid for others to try out for themselves and see what a NICE Distro Elive has become!

Keep up the great advancements Elive shows! clap idea
Re: Wow Really nice
May 27, 2018 12:35PM
Thank you for your kind words emosmile

This next stable version 3.0 (and the last betas) includes compiz in a very fast and stable, with a better integration with the desktop and special features in the window borders, try it! :D

Hope you enjoy!

Re: Wow Really nice
May 29, 2018 02:39PM
1up email system of the Forum fixed boogie