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Got it Going well, 1.9.40

Posted by down8ve 
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Got it Going well, 1.9.40
August 22, 2009 04:17AM
Hey, as a mid-grade linux user, I think I have this set the way I like it. I'm using the Compiz version.

First off, I was sure to print out the handy guide that pops up on the live CD.

I did not install the rather antiquated HP tools from synaptic, instead using the printer setup tool with Elive. I did select to use the third driver option, which downloads the driver from HP.

Music Player
After a lot of research I decided to compile Banshee from source. Google "How to install banshee on debian" for instructions. It makes things so easy for me as far as video and audio podcasts (I use those a lot). I considered aTunes, but the audio quality never seemed to be as good for some reason.

I also added Gstreamer-ugly and -bad plugins for MP3/4 and AAC support.

I installed the old VLC from Synaptic after being stumped with getting the new version installed.

Downloaded OpenOffice from the website, the deb/32 package. Used dpkg -i */deb to install (wow I like Debian!).

Grabbed the .deb of Picasa 3 from Google. Changed some of the fonts so it looks better via "Picasa Font Settings."

Installed the MS fonts and Liberation fonts.

Went back to Thunderbird, installing from source. Instructions for Debian via Google.

Now I have a solid, super-fast, super-effective desktop with bling. Life is good.