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vs. openSuse

Posted by down8ve 
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vs. openSuse
September 03, 2009 08:13PM
I have two drives, one has a fully updated openSuse ith the latest KDE 4.3, the other has Elive 1.9.40-compiz.

I really wanted to use KDE 4, and after installing every known KDE distro I've about given up. OpenSuse was the best of them all, at least on my hardware.

There's much to like about openSuse. It is fairly solid, rarely is there any problem that causes a reboot or logout. But after using it for a while I missed the speed and flash of Elive. I even miss some of the gnome-centric apps, which always seem to do what I want. The KDE apps are really nice to look at, but there are minor issues all over the place that detract from the simplicity I want in a machine.

Here's to the developers of Elive!