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eLive review

Posted by sinbsd 
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eLive review
November 13, 2009 10:36PM
I found a good Elive Review and wanted to point it out. Seems pretty positive. It's based on the unstable version though..
Re: eLive review
November 13, 2009 10:56PM
Thanks sinbsd, I have seen other good reports on Elivework
Re: eLive review
November 14, 2009 01:53AM
Thanks!!!! simbsd , for that informationup


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Re: eLive review
March 29, 2011 02:52AM
This is about Elive Topaz v2.0 New Kernel 002 and 003
(I have the old kernel too. 001 for backup (I have a dinosaur machine to test it out if the new kernel don't work)

Ok here's my story..
I downloaded this a little while ago and put it in my cd case for backup when windows dies.. (It always does) and it did...
I'm sick of windows being slow and using too many resources. (I shouldn't need 1.5GB memory for an OS...)

So.. i grabbed this out of the case an tried this version (Not knowing what to expect, figured I'd be @ 1 hr..)
This booted right from CD... (No Install version.)

WOW, I was surprised it worked pretty much flawless right from the start...
Was online and surfing the web in less than 3 mins. No Joke. (everything picked up on boot...) WOW AGAIN!
there was like 4 prompts i think.. Language, video card, video resolution and (* NTFS choices...) all simple choices.

NTFS systems I'm not getting into that.. I hate Billy and his posse..

This impressed me and seems to have all the basics i need to do things.
I can check email and surf...

AWESOME: Super Fast!!!
Don't need 1.5GB of memory for it to work.. or 10GB free to install. (AKA: Windows)
Barely need any memory. and minimal Hard drive space (Install what you want)
Great for old pc's.. don't throw them out!! use them!!
No memory leaks (Like windows, my system has to be rebooted every 1-2 days it's turtle slow..)

(I'll add things as i go, like Roboform clone, and whereisit clone... Whereisit is probably the Only thing keeping me in the windows realm.. i have soooo many things on cds, dvds and i'm not going through REdoing all my disks... I'll be checking into a couple clones for importing all the info (XML export) from Whereisit)
once I get this done... I'll probably never personally use windows again.
(I haven't tested WINE yet...) but i'd rather have native stuff for linux not emus...

Hats off to you guys. I'm impressed and spreading the word.

I'll help out when i can by giving reviews of things...
I just want to say thanks again. I'll Definitely be back!!

NEVER STOP!!! Trudge forward on the quest to knock Billy off his throne.
Re: eLive review
May 20, 2018 08:42AM
Thank you all for your beautiful words emosmile

3.0 releasing in few days... boogie
Re: eLive review
May 29, 2018 02:40PM
1up email system of the Forum fixed boogie