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I LOVE eLive, but... I simply don't have any money.

Posted by BigBubbaX 
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I LOVE eLive, but... I simply don't have any money.
March 11, 2010 09:18AM
Hi, all.

I'm a 10th grade student that recently discovered the sheer amazing-ness of eLive.
I have a eeepc 701, and until now nothing has made it run quite as well as eLive. boogie

So far I've been using development versions to see how well eLive works.enlightenment
In about two weeks time I will be displaying a website/server combo at a state-wide technology fair/competition.
I would really like to have my eeepc run the administration, and the best choice for an OS would have to be the new eLive 2.0.
Unfortunately, I am absolutely, completely broke. My last ten dollars went into buying a necessary part for my webserver.ohmygod

I have read about getting licenses for eLive by writing reviews, and I would like to contribute in any way I can....work

OK: my question.
In the last month or two, I entered a science fair with a project that compares the attributes of Windows operating systems to Linux (Ubuntu and eLive). eLive and Ubuntu completely outran Windows in the tests.
Would I be able to submit this comparison of OSs in return for eLive 2.0?
If so, who do I give it to or where do I upload it?

I would be absolutely thrilled to be able to show off eLive at this competition.
Thanks for your time.