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Elive is simply the most beautiful OS

Posted by RAV TUX 
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Elive is simply the most beautiful OS
September 03, 2007 12:53AM
I have been impressed with Elive and e17 for quite a while...

Yesterday I did two things:

1. I re-installed Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

2. I installed a dual boot to Elive Gem 1.0

Both installs went without event, I was most impressed with how Elive set up a custom grub menu, with the 3 options:

1. Elive Gem 1.0
2. Windows XP Media Center Edition
3. Memory Diagnostic test

I was also impressed upon first booting into Elive how it prompted for a tweak to finalize the install.

Elive is simply the most interesting of all Linux distros. e17 is the most beautiful DE. I am very, very impressed.

As a developer of my own OS, Oz Enterprise, it says a lot that I choose to use Elive.

I would like to eventually build Linux Nirvana(another distro I built) with an e17 desktop.

I would like to see a e17 distro that utilizes Conary, and an rpath base.

I will settle for a Debian base for now and become more familiar with the Elive OS.

Again, to the Devs an overall awesome job!