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Elive on EEEpc, but not if I pay again.

Posted by hobocaver 
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Elive on EEEpc, but not if I pay again.
June 30, 2010 08:23AM
Hi This is not a rant, but is intended as a compliment. Elive Topaz is very impressive, the hardware detection was amazing, since I have a quirky Toshiba Satellite laptop. Everything works, and works nicely. The graphics are great. I would have tried to put this on USB so it could be installed onto an eeepc; but I will not pay twice for the same software, even Microsoft will let you use their overpriced junk on 3 pcs. Ubuntu Netbook went on, it works well, but I would have preferred Elive. Again, this is not a rant but a backhanded compliment. Hope to see some updates.