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Steve getting sleepless nights?

Posted by mistrynitesh 
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Steve getting sleepless nights?
September 03, 2007 05:33PM
Is Steve Jobs getting sleepless nights? He should after the release of Elive Gem. Mac users get a run for their money. Vista is no competition...
What I liked the most about the distro is that all the packages run out-of-box. Even the mp3s, mpegs and 3gps run on livecd and it is so light on the system! The only disappointment being that the openoffice is not available unless you get the 'bonus disk'

Great work, all you devs... congrats!
Re: Steve getting sleepless nights?
September 03, 2007 09:52PM
You most certainly CAN install OpenOffice without the bonus disc! all you need to do it, apt-get-update && apt-get install openoffice. However, Thanatermesis has spent a LOT of time on the bonus discs, so the OO is tweaked and configured more specifically for Elive Gem. You won't have to look for the extra stuff, everything you need is on that disc, that's all. He's trying to make it easy to get it ALL all set up nicely and ready to use! emosmile
Re: Steve getting sleepless nights?
September 05, 2007 03:37PM
I would definitely prefer to install it from bonus disk (all tweaked!). The problem right now is that I dont have a cd writer to burn it and I dont know which other way can I get the disk. I bought the livecd from an online vendor, but even he doesn't seem to sell the bonus disk...
any alternatives?
Re: Steve getting sleepless nights?
September 07, 2007 03:39PM
You can use a USB stick instead of burn a CD emosmile

I think that's explained on the bonus disk page, if not, tell me and I write it here
Re: Steve getting sleepless nights?
September 14, 2007 03:51AM
Thanatermesis, I would love to have a CD written...
Tell me how/where to get one

Thanks in advance!
Re: Steve getting sleepless nights?
September 17, 2007 06:43PM
online vendors not has any relation with Elive

Maybe we can sell and ship directly CDs from the website, but about the bonus disks, that's maybe a more delicated step because not very persons buy those bonus-disks

Can you burn the ISO in a CD then ?
Re: Steve getting sleepless nights?
September 18, 2007 07:13PM
Burning a CD or creating a USB disk is a secondary problem... The basic problem is that my internet connection is very slow and would take ages to download the whole stuff, apart from being cost ineffecient. That is the reason why I preferred to buy "Elive CD" from an online vendor. I am looking for a similar way to obtain the bonus disk.

> **Thanatermesis Wrote:**
> tell me and I write it here

how about that?
Re: Steve getting sleepless nights?
September 19, 2007 01:41PM
It would be nice to be able to do ubuntu style and send stuff for free but that cannot be done. And even when selling the cost of the cd's and and post could rise higer than the cost of the product. Plus when ordering printed cd's you need to do it in large quanties and in todays fast world that is not good.. Perhaps you could utilize your schools/firms network connection to get it? And offcourse there must be a friend who has a relatively high speed connection.