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Elive is Unique

Posted by wirelessjunkie 
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Elive is Unique
June 25, 2011 12:47PM
As most of us know who have used Elive for some time, it is a really good distro. It comes already complete with most things that your average user would need for their basic computing needs.

I love the fact that this distro has what most other distro's don't, and that is a uniqueness and simplicity about it that makes my overall computing experience more fun and personal. The interface and layout is simple and beautiful, yet also very functional. I also love that the look and feel doesn't come at the cost of speed. I have had Elive installed on boxes that had specs along the lines of 1Ghz and 256mb of Ram, and it's always been fast and reliable. If you decide to put it on a more modern machine, it is lightning fast! Sometimes it takes a while for updates to get released, but they have all been worth it. Elive Gem was truly a Gem (I've still got copies of it dating back a few years. ), and Topaz is outstanding with it's more user friendly methods of set up. ( especially with wifi, it's nice not having to fight with ndiswrapper and windows drivers anymore )

There are too many distro's out there now that are all dressed up versions of Ubu**u (tis a banned word), and they are all starting to feel bland. I am glad that Elive has stayed on it's own unique path. Please keep up the good work guys!