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Posted by Berek 
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May 04, 2013 12:56PM
After getting frustrated using Windows I decided to try out
a live boot DVD of *buntu. It was a version with Gnome 2
so different enough from Windows that I thought it was
worth a try. I was happy with it until Unity came along. I
don't like the way it works, so I decided to shop around. I
came across Elive Topaz and thought it looked good, so I
decided to give it a try. Of the 3 laptops and a desktop
running 5 distros of Linux the one running Elive is by far
my favorite for look and feel. I have been using it for the
shortest time so are still not used to it and don't have all
the software I want installed yet, but I am getting there.
I am using the Lucax3 theme and I think it looks amazing.
Thanks for all your hard work on this beautiful distro.