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Torrents and Testers hot smiley

Posted by LinuxPusher 
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Torrents and Testers hot smiley
July 02, 2014 01:46AM
Hi all, I really like what I see. hot smiley
I only spent 3 minutes looking around the live dvd from Linux Format with Elive 2.2.2 beta.
I am interested in helping with Development, Testing and Possibly a Torrent.
But I have 2 Questions...
First about the Torrent, why is it calling for 10 GB ?, is that just a space allowance ?
Second do you have any plans for a 64 bit iso ?
Interesting Captcha a little different.
Never had to use when when signed into a Forum already, ok bit of a pita.
Can see them very well 4 tries so far.