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My Elive Desktop

Posted by mikeat10500 
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My Elive Desktop
October 01, 2007 10:07AM
Hello People of Elive
I am writing to inform you of my experience with the Elive desktop.
I run 4 desktop PCs through a KVM switch running various Linux distros.
Three PCs are Nvidia powered running Beryl managed AIGLX.
The forth PC is an old Dell Optiplex G1 I picked up for $20 bucks. Over a year ago I found a distro that makes this PC compete with the Athlon and P4 powered machines it sits on top of. With only a P2 350mhz processor, 128MB of ram and a 4Gig hard drive it looks as good and runs as fast as the big boys. It makes far less noise and has only been rebooted once in the last year(to change location). Current uptime is at 308 days. I have tried to crash this machine many times and it will not crack! Seven web browsers at one time, including IE6 bringing it to a crawl. Closing out the applications brought performance right back where it was the day it was booted up.
Elive 0.5 is a rock solid performer!
I will replace Elive on this machine some day...that's what I do , test various distros. Elive passed with flying colors and is easy to fall in love with.