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ralink 2870 usb bgn

Posted by bozzo 
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ralink 2870 usb bgn
June 20, 2009 12:39PM
Hello all,

First let me say that elive was a very pleasant surprise. I have been away from linux for some time, used to play around with Debian more than 10 years ago. Things have come a long way. Nice job with elive, VERY NICE!!!!

Development version of elive 1.9.30 on the elive branded kernel Just to let anybody know that I have manually installed the driver for the ralink usb 2870 chip and it is working fine. I'm sure this would work with other development versions and other kernels.

Have a GREAT one.....

Re: ralink 2870 usb bgn
July 11, 2009 10:45PM
hello need help . i am using elive dev version 1.9.30 too. it was working well with usb rt2500 until i upgraded major network files with synaptic then i lost the whole usb connection, even the indicator light is not coming on please help. usb wireless dongle however works when i use the live cd