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Posted by TranceThrust` 
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October 09, 2009 01:49AM

i recently tried this live linux environment on my hp mini 1000-series laptop, but sadly found out that there is no support for the wireless interface used (laptop type: hp mini 735ED); the wireless card (if my research is correct) is broadcom's BCM4315. Both ndiswrapper and the open-source native driver do not work (elive/debian gave the option of using either).

Broadcom's linux drivers can be found at broadcom's site. I'm unclear whether or not the license is compatible, as I don't see any license notice whatsoever.

I hope this post helps your distro (and myself eventually),
kind regards,

Re: BCM4315
October 09, 2009 01:51AM
Your spam-prevention system is way over the top btw, above post took me more than 10 tries to get past. Madness. Google for 'broadcom linux drivers' to find the broadcom linux drivers (2nd hit for me).