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Posted by cenobyte 
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September 18, 2007 10:13PM
Ok Clean install Elive:
System finds Wireless adapter and connects to an unencrypted wireless router via wifi-radar. when activating WEP encryption wifi-radar connects but doesn't get an IP.

Updating the the ipw3945-unicode doesn't bring any solution either. It seems a lot of people having the same problem when using ubuntu. On suse linux enterprise desktop 10 it works flawlessly


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Re: IPW3945
May 17, 2008 12:54AM
At Zenwalk 5.0 the same problem needs "wicd", not available at elive, it seems that wifi-radar is not enough for detect the available wireless networks.

En Zenwalk se soluciona con wicd; parece ser que wifi-radar no se basta por si mismo para captar las redes inalambricas disponibles.
Re: IPW3945
November 28, 2008 07:52PM
It's been a while since I used elive due to the fact that I needed my only pc to admin and maintain a windows domain. It looks that since that time a lot of things improved here. the wireless is working fine under the latest Elive DEV 1.19.16