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Compaq Evo N1050v

Posted by rudikuin 
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Compaq Evo N1050v
December 05, 2007 04:59AM
I have a Compaq Evo N1050v laptop running Elive GEM 1.0

No problems running it, only when I want to alter the volume I get some odd warning/error on opening ALSA, something not to worry about, because it works anyway...

The WiFi was set up with WiFi-wiz, and now runs effortlessly.

Only thing is boot-time, keeps taking too long for me, about two to three minutes, but that was the same with other distro's I tried before. But this one (being Elive) is here to stay.

I just love the look and feel of it.
To me as a MAC-user, Elive is the best choice...

Ruud Kuin

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