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Dell Latitude X1

Posted by d_MatthewS_b 
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Dell Latitude X1
April 14, 2008 08:27AM
I have a Dell Latitude X1 and I am having some problems loading the eLive stable version onto it (which I did purchase). I'm new to linux (just starting toying w/it a little over 3-4 mo ago) and it's different. I've done the ubuntu, redhat, suse, thing but I really like the eLive interface. I've even loaded a couple versions of the Hackintosh Leopard OS on it. However when I load the Stable CD, I get an error, that seems to be related to not recognizing the CD-Rom or mini-HD. If I get it to actually load, I get into a command prompt issue that I'm not able to figure out. I never get the actual GUI interface to log in. It's always cmd line login. If I get it loaded to a prompt, I don't know how to install it from command lines. Again, I really am not familiar w/linux, so I'm looking for an easy how to, install from command line or interface that works. It uses Dell's propriatory powered USB interface. I tried an external CD Rom w/an IDE to USB interface, and had the same problem. Not sure if it's a HD problem, or a CD Rom problem. The X1 uses a mini-HD which is somewhat different than the standard laptop IDE. Either way, I can't get it to work. Some input or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Re: Dell Latitude X1
April 14, 2008 09:34AM
FYI, something else to add to this post is I can boot using the Dev environment which is successful, but is not possible from the Stable version. However, I can't install from the dev environment. Maybe something the dev os has, that the stable version doesn't have, or something that's not obvious in the stable version, that's been revealed from the dev OS. In order to boot in the DEV cd I have to use the 1st option for boot issues. I'm then able to get the gui that I'm used to seeing on my older machine. I just can't install. Any help would be great. Thanks!