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MSI vr321x

Posted by cheshirsky 
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MSI vr321x
May 07, 2008 06:37PM
got this little cute laptop.
(VIA C-7 CPU, VIA Chrome 9 IG VGA, Atheros 5006 WLAN)
as I wrote in other theme, I hardinstalled e-live 1.7 development. wink
all just fine, but my VIA Chrome 9 card...
just can`t get enough time for properly install or build driver for it.
Atheros card works fine with ndiswrapper(couldn`t get it work with madwifi) emosmile Atheros just works fine! at new kernel trouble with my card is solved and it works with native drivers(also with ndiswrapper I noticed hard load on system with working wlan).

can't solve problem with VIA chrome 9 card... maybe just no driver (VN896 chip)...

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