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Dell Latitude D830

Posted by jamesm 
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Dell Latitude D830
June 27, 2008 10:24PM
Booted up with Elive Gem+ (development) 20080527 version on my Dell Latitude D830 laptop with the Elive image burnt to an Asda-brand DVD-R and everything worked that I've tested.

Nice screen resolution, audio is fine, wireless (54G network) and wired networks are connected to fine. NTFS partition mounted and used in read-only and read+write mode working fine.

To connect to my 54G wireless network I simply need to select the connection mode of "Managed" before clicking Apply.

It would be nice to auto-connect to the nearest wireless network. If this was implemented then the livecd mode would be perfect and not require ANY post-boot configuring. My wireless router is using MAC-filtering so the wireless encryption is disabled.

I use Elive in livecd mode on this laptop because it is a work laptop and I'm not permitted to use it for personal use. This way I can use the laptop's hardware, avoid the OS on the HD (Windows XP Pro) and their Win32 auditing program is useless!