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eee pc 901

Posted by paris 
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eee pc 901
September 16, 2008 04:32AM
I installed 1.8.8 to a sdhc card. Elive boots fine but grub(on card) needed editing to boot the built in xandros. The uuids just did not work for me.

The silver buttons at top do not work. screen dim/bright works - volume up/down does not. suspend/sleep does not work on wakeup.

Wireless is finicky at best. It seems to need to be enabled in bios and can not remember the network password for my router. The connection will fail more often than not with the icon showing the message "Waiting for Network Key for the wireless network"

No trouble with with the wired network

I can not figure out how to browse samba.

While booting I get just a plain console, not the pretty transparent background seen when the cd boots.