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Dell XPS 1730 ...a buggy ride!

Posted by kizaz13 
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Dell XPS 1730 ...a buggy ride!
February 19, 2009 08:53AM
Yesterday I loaded Elive and was excited to have a look at the release.

1. First I loaded the LiveCD and noticed I was having some errors with the cursor not quite hitting the mark. I moved a window to the top of my desktop and it 'scrolled' shut and I was unable to figure out for a few seconds that a double click would maximise...and this occured almost every time I moved a window upwards on my desktop...annoying to begin with. Since I have had some errors on LiveCD performance in the past I decided to take the plunge and install...

2. While running the installation I decided to try an upgrade as suggested in the setup process on an installation of Ubuntu which is not my primary OS. It attempted the upgrade but when I rebooted it told me there was compatability problems with the upgrade so I should perform a fresh install. Fine...it had preserved my previous files up to this point...however, when I performed the reinstall I resized the partition and somehow it wiped all of my previous files but preserved the empty folders from the failed install on the original partition. This was strange because my files where nested in the files that where saved? seems pretty much like a bug to me...but I'm not a developer so I'm waiting for feedback.

3. The second fresh install went smoothly but when I rebooted the Xserver seemed to fail. even after it prompted me that it had made adjustments I found many errors and bugs. Sound quit working on boot up after installation and I don't know if this is the default? The cursor problems continue to be an issue. clicking radio buttons will only work if I scroll away from the button as I click.

4. Attempting to play videos freezes my system. I have tried several players as well as installing VLC media player which is usually solid as a rock. I know skins have been buggy with VLC and am not sure if it has something to do with this issue. I will look into the multimedia output settings to verify which the system has chosen by default. When the video freezes I have to wait for several moments after clicking the close for the control to come back to the cursor. What I mean is that when the video freezes I can only effect the video with a click...everywhere else I click brings no result.

5. The eye candy is nice.

Well, I hope my comments assist you developers and users.

I will say that the most annoying thing about the experience was the lack of video performance and the cursor issues. I have had this issue with other distros (ubuntu-studio) in the past but it always seems to correct itself after the first update and reboot...these issues persist.

System- Dell XPS 1730
Core2 2.8Mhz
4 GB Ram
2 x 200 GB HD
2 x Nvidia 8500 SLI
Intel wireless
Broadcom ethernet
Synaptics touchpad

Other OS's
LinuxMint 6