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Inspiron 1200

Posted by wIL313 
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Inspiron 1200
April 21, 2009 10:13AM
Upon first impression, Elive Gem seems very stable and dependable on Inspiron 1200. On other linux systems this almost outdated computer can be cumbersome and slow (especially on demanding OS's such as Ubuntu). I'm pleased at the speed of Elive with the stability and the eye candy that it has to offer. Though, it does lack in areas such as Ubuntu, where hardware is concerned. The default number of repositories are rather slow, and that can be a problem sometimes for hardware. With this laptop, there seems to be very little control over volume option. Why not take advantage of the built in volume control on there keyboard? Also, I had some trouble to get wireless up and going with this linux os. But once up, the operating system did very well controlling the wireless network. Also, with this laptop, it has always had trouble with wine, but with Elive, wine is running with no problems, and has not frozen up yet.

Over all, this Linux version works very well with this laptop

About system:

Memory 1.56 Gig
Hard drive: 28 Gig
Video Card: None
Processor: 1.3hrz