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Lenovo S10e

Posted by Hogge 
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Lenovo S10e
September 01, 2009 04:42PM
Bought this netbook preinstalled with windows. (first windows license i've ever bought... sad)

Installed Elive 1.9.40-compiz from a usb-stick on it without any problems at all.

The flashy window effects actually works better than one would expect, but playing movies fullscreen is not a nice experience. Maybe the graphics card is crap or that xorg needs some tweaking.

During boot, the kernel complains about the video resolution chosen by default, that's prolly easily fixed with a line change in grub config. Haven't done it yet on my own though.

The wifi didn't work out of the box for me. I had to download Broadcom's STA drivers for this to work, and with some hazzle i got it working. Many webpages states that this is a very unstable driver, but i have yet to encounter any problems with it. (btw... there is a shiny button on the keyboard that activates the wifi card it seems... don't forget to push it. =P )

Overall I'm satisfied, but if you really need to play videos on your toy, i suggest looking for another netbook or distro.