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IBM ThinkPad 390X

Posted by Icsolian 
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IBM ThinkPad 390X
August 03, 2011 02:38AM
I try elive topaz on livecd in mi old laptop ibm thinkpad 390x
heres specs

Pentium lll at 450 MHz
graphics 2 Mb neomedia
128 Mb RAM PC100

I am using the Elive Live CD Topaz 2.0 on my old computer and the system runs well, in spite of the low frequency processor and 2 megabytes of video card, desktop themes and window management is soft, excuse me English, recognized the old hardware with no problems, pcmcia slots run at 100%, the only thing I did was disable the virtual desktop, but everything else is perfect emosmile, now I write this topic in it XD.

I want install elive but need a pass XD

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