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Compaq V3117la

Posted by babel 
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Compaq V3117la
October 15, 2007 05:46AM
Wireless not detected by default but it works when u install the driver with ndiswrapper.
The screen seems ok, the nvidia drivers work.
The only problem i found was the sound. I have to reconfigure the ALSA every time i start elive. I have buttons to control the alsa mixer (turn it up or down, and mute) and these buttons just don't work. If i connect headphones or mics they don't work, might be a problem with the entire chip.
Re: Compaq V3117la
January 03, 2008 07:51AM
In dev 2.0.1 sound controls works fine but still nothing with the mic and the headphone. Dev 1.2 doesn't starts at all, it just freezes when booting.