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Alternate install methods,

Posted by auzieman 
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Alternate install methods,
December 29, 2007 01:12PM
Ok, I know this is an off beat request but for those of us lamers with out cdroms on say old laptops.. How about a text installer? Last time I did this I fetched debian sid floppies, did a minimal install, swaped the sources.list, and forced an install of all the packages installed in the live cd..

Call me lazy emosmile but I would rather just use one from you folks..
BTW I love the new builds! IF you guys have't heard I talked to amikit at the last amiga show and told them you might build elive for use with their efika boards and such.. they really really liked the looks of elive..

Yes Im an old amiga kid,, say hi to raster for me.. I idea haven't seen him in ages.